The Joya X1 device is Datalogic's device used for self-shopping solutions; It offers cutting-edge technology and advanced performance in an ergonomic form factor that is easy to use Customers use the Joya X1 device simply by pointing it at a product bar code, clicking on a button to scan the code, which then shows a descriptions and the price of the product on the display. While shopping, customers will be able to check the list of all products previously scanned and have access to an up-to-date total of their purchases, additional store offers, promotions and discounts. The Joya X1 device allows customers to bag their own merchandise as they scan and shop. When their shopping is completed, they simply go to the checkout and pay using self-payment kiosks without having to remove any of the merchandise from the cart or bag. This reduces waiting times considerably. The Joya X1 device can also be used for Queue Busting activities, allowing a clerk to scan the items in a customer’s basket while they’re standing in line, when customers reach the register, they simply pay for their items which are already totaled, reducing waiting times.


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Datalogic Joya X1

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