Hanelinus offers a complete electronic solution involving hardware development, pre-production build, and production. Our engineers have had over 20 years of experiences in customizing and creating new electronic devices that fit our customers’ needs. We also re-engineer or re-design parts that are obsolete or increase the functionality for better performance. 

Developing a reliable electronic manufacturing can be difficult and time consuming for some companies.  Hanelinus can construct fully functional prototypes of our customers’ devices from either by scratch or by combining existing components to implement cost reduction or capture market share.  Our engineering staffs have the expertise in electronics and controls to extend the lifespan of aging electronic products or systems.  We have had many successful projects in helping customers to decrease their cost margins in replacing and improving existing equipments.

Example of some of the services Hanelinus provides:

  •      Research and analysis of competitive products

  •      Engineering design to manufacturing and product acceptance

  •      Re-develop existing or obsolete products

  •      Replacing obsolete parts

  •      Characterize product operation

  •      Upgrade obsolete parts with available components

  •      Manufacturer of a product that is no longer exists or supports a product

  •      Manufacturer of a product that will upgrade aging product

  •      Electronic circuit board design

  •      Rugged electronic modules and integrated circuit card assemblies

  •      Transferring products from prototype to manufacturing

  •      Configuration management and full technical support services

Confidentiality is assured at Hanelinus. We can produce contracts to our customers where needed.  Please contact us at customerservice@hanelinus.com for inquiry. 

Call us: 888-767-2489

or you can send us an email via: customerservice@hanelinus.com