Industrial-Grade Linear-Imaging Scanner — Features: • Superior Read Range: Imaging technology now extends the performance range out to 82˝ (208 cm) on linear codes, eliminating the need to reach and climb to scan codes • Easy-to-Use: True point and shoot hand-held ergonomics easily fits oversized gloved hands, while intuitive aiming means operators will become productive quickly • Rugged Packaging: An impact-absorbing, shock-resistant housing withstands fifty 6.5´ (2 meter) drops, and is sealed to prevent dust, moisture, and other contaminants from entering the scanner—designed to survive the most demanding industrial application • Fast and Aggressive Decode: Even on poorly printed or damaged codes, the 270 scans per second digital image logic is over six times faster than other technologies, allowing users to spend less time trying to re-scan poor codes and speed up the work process Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.5 cm x 8.1 cm x 16.3 cm (5.3˝ x 3.2˝ x 6.4˝) Weight: 213 g (7.5 oz)


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Intermec 3800i

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