Product Brand Part Description
HHP ScanTeam 6180 HHP HHP ScanTeam 6180 The HHP ScanTeam 6180 combines scanning and decoding functions into a standard wand housing. Request Quote
HHP ScanTeam 6100 HHP HHP ScanTeam 6100 The HHP ScanTeam 6100 offers easy and affordable wand scanning and is available with visible red illumination and optics in a stainless steel housing. Request Quote
HHP ImageTeam 4800 HHP HHP ImageTeam 4800 The ImageTeam 4800 Industrial 2D Area Imager is the first handheld area image reader powered by Adaptus imaging technology. Request Quote
HHP ImageTeam 4620 HHP HHP ImageTeam 4620 HHP's ImageTeam 4620 Cordless Imager features Bluetooth technology providing 10m (33 ft.) of read range and utilizes adaptive frequency hopping for im Request Quote
HHP Dolphin 9550 HHP HHP Dolphin 9550 The Dolphin 9550 mobile computers deliver unparalleled performance and value for all mobile data collection applications. Request Quote
HHP Dolphin 9500 HHP HHP Dolphin 9500 The Dolphin 9500 mobile computers deliver unparalleled performance and value for all mobile data collection applications. Request Quote
HHP Dolphin 7900 HHP HHP Dolphin 7900 The HHP Dolphin 7900 Mobile Computer packs all the performance and durability of the Dolphin 9500 and 9550 in a PDA-like, easy-to-use design. Request Quote
HHP Dolphin 7600 HHP HHP Dolphin 7600 The Dolphin 7600 mobile computer from Handheld Products features Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0 and Wireless LAN communication, which gives users the Request Quote
HHP Dolphin 7400 HHP HHP Dolphin 7400 Step into the next generation of portable data collection with the HHP Dolphin 7400 Mobile Computer. Request Quote
HHP Dolphin 7200 HHP HHP Dolphin 7200 The HHP Dolphin 7200 Mobile Computer is a rugged, pocketsize computer and barcode scanner with an open DOS architecture and up to 12 MB of memory. Request Quote
HHP 3800PDF HHP HHP 3800PDF 3800 - Long Range Scanner, HHLC, PDF417 Capable and Commercial Interfaces. Request Quote
HHP 3800LR HHP HHP 3800LR 3800LR connects to all popular PCs, POS systems and portable data terminals. Request Quote
HHP 3800LX HHP HHP 3800LX This scanner is designed to read low to medium density barcodes. Request Quote
HHP ScanTeam 5770 HHP HHP ScanTeam 5770 This cordless scanner is designed for tough industrial use. Request Quote
HHP ScanTeam 5700 HHP HHP ScanTeam 5700 This is a high performance scanner able to read Request Quote
HHP ScanTeam 2380 HHP HHP ScanTeam 2380 This compact barcode data collection solution is used for a wide variety of applications including: Request Quote
HHP ValueTeam 3080 HHP HHP ValueTeam 3080 The Valueteam 3080 connects to the terminals most often used and PCs for Request Quote
HHP ImageTeam 5620 HHP HHP ImageTeam 5620 Image team 5620 is built for industrial applications, Request Quote
HHP 3870 HHP HHP 3870 Reads high density barcodes with dimensions as small as 3 mil. Also designed for aggr Request Quote
HHP 4410HD HHP HHP 4410HD 4410HD the handheld input device for reading and decoding 2 dimensional symbologies. Request Quote
HHP 3800VHD HHP HHP 3800VHD High performance scanner for industrial electronic manufacturing applications Request Quote
HHP 3800ESD HHP HHP 3800ESD Reads very high density barcodes and is also designed for the Request Quote
HHP ImageTeam 5800 HHP HHP ImageTeam 5800 Built to handle the toughest industrial applications, can read barcodes at ranges Request Quote
HHP ImageTeam 5600 HHP HHP ImageTeam 5600 Excels at read range, reads poor quality barcodes and extremely durable, Request Quote
HHP 3875 HHP HHP 3875 Laser like reading distances, exceptional durability, high speed and aggressive Request Quote
HHP ImageTeam 4710 HHP HHP ImageTeam 4710 4710 image reader to be used as a handheld or fixed mount device. Request Quote
HHP ImageTeam 4600 HHP HHP ImageTeam 4600 Enables drivers license reading, fast and easy presentation scanning, and image capture capability. Request Quote
HHP ImageTeam 4410 HHP HHP ImageTeam 4410 Hand held input device designed for reading and decoding two dimension (2D) symbologies Request Quote
HHP ImageTeam 3870 HHP HHP ImageTeam 3870 Aggressive reading performance on PDF417 and MicroPDF417, this scanner Request Quote
HHP ImageTeam 3800LX HHP HHP ImageTeam 3800LX High performance, durable, hand held bar code scanner, extended long range, scan range 2 in. Request Quote
HHP ImageTeam 3800LR HHP HHP ImageTeam 3800LR High performance hand held bar code scanner can connect to all popular PC’s, Apple MAC and portable data terminals. Request Quote
HHP ImageTeam 3800 HHP HHP ImageTeam 3800 High performance hand held bar code scanner uses unique linear imaging technology Request Quote
HHP Quick Check 800 Series HHP HHP Quick Check 800 Series The Quick Check 800 Series Bar Code offers the convenience of simple point-and-shoot verification through the use of a customized, 3800 handheld linea Request Quote
HHP 6300 DPM HHP HHP 6300 DPM Self-contained reader perfoms consistently on all types of codes and parts. Request Quote
HHP 6320 DPM HHP HHP 6320 DPM Sets standards for reading DPM codes for part traceability, uses Adaptus TM imaging technology 5.0. Request Quote
HHP 6300 HHP HHP 6300 For the leading brand image based bar code reading this scanner is powered Request Quote
HHP 4820i HHP HHP 4820i Honeywell's 4820i industrial cordless 2D imager is has unmatched reliability and is a great choice supporting many work environments. Request Quote
HHP 4820 HHP HHP 4820 2D imaging, reads linear, stacked linear, captures digital images, Request Quote
HHP 4800i HHP HHP 4800i Honeywell's 4800i industrial 2D imager is designed to provide unique data collection performance and is made for maximum reliability in the harshest w Request Quote
HHP 4600r HHP HHP 4600r Reads all 2D bar codes, captures digital images, ability to read PDF417 codes, Request Quote

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