Product Brand Part Description
Symbol TC55 Symbol Symbol TC55 Your workers need rugged, reliable, remote access to real-time data to get the job done. Request Quote
Symbol MC9200 Symbol Symbol MC9200 Symbol MC9200 Mobile Computer: The MC9200 is the latest in the industry-leading rugged MC9000 Series, the industry’s gold standard for mobility in inv Request Quote
Symbol DS4308-HC Symbol Symbol DS4308-HC In the mission-critical world of healthcare, caregivers need to be able to accurately capture virtually any barcode, on any medium, in any condition — Request Quote
Symbol DS6878-HC Symbol Symbol DS6878-HC The DS6878-HC cordless imager enables hospitals to automate data capture, improve data accuracy, increase productivity and streamline everyday process Request Quote
Symbol LS3578-ER Symbol Symbol LS3578-ER Symbol LS3578-ER Rugged Barcode Scanner: Scan all 1D barcodes from practically anywhere with onboard Bluetooth® capability. Request Quote
Symbol LS3408-ER Symbol Symbol LS3408-ER Symbol LS3408-ER Rugged Barcode Scanner: The LS3408-ER handheld corded scanner captures 1D barcodes in the harshest of conditions — even when labels a Request Quote
Symbol LS4208 Symbol Symbol LS4208 The Symbol LS4208 handheld laser scanner delivers exceptional performance in an accessible, intuitive package. Request Quote
Symbol LS2208 Symbol Symbol LS2208 The affordable Symbol LS2208 handheld barcode scanner provides fast, reliable scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form. Request Quote
Symbol LS1203-HD Symbol Symbol LS1203-HD The LS1203-HD handheld scanner is designed for electronics manufacturers who need to scan small, high density 1D barcodes on PCB assemblies for track, Request Quote
Symbol LS1203 Symbol Symbol LS1203 This bi-directional LS1203 handheld scanner handles all 1D barcodes and is ideal for small retailers. Request Quote
Symbol LI4278 Symbol Symbol LI4278 Symbol LI4278 Handheld Scanner: Built for all day and everyday use, the LI4278 offers cordless freedom with Bluetooth compatibility. Request Quote
Symbol LI2208 Symbol Symbol LI2208 Symbol LI2208 Handheld Scanner: Whether your workers are scanning barcodes printed on paper labels or electronic barcodes displayed on the screen of a Request Quote
Symbol DS6878-SR Symbol Symbol DS6878-SR The DS6878-SR cordless bluetooth 2D imager offers the complete data capture functionality required to streamline and error-proof everyday processes. Request Quote
Symbol DS6878-DL Symbol Symbol DS6878-DL The DS6878-DL cordless 2D imager offers the complete data capture functionality required to streamline and error-proof everyday processes. Request Quote
Symbol DS6708-DL Symbol Symbol DS6708-DL The Symbol DS6708-DL barcode scanner combines all the features of Zebra’s standard DS6708 imager, including omni-directional 1D/2D barcode scanning, w Request Quote
Symbol DS6707-HD Symbol Symbol DS6707-HD The affordable DS6707-HD Handheld Digital Imager Scanner brings a new level of efficiency to electronic component manufacturing by enabling the automa Request Quote
Symbol DS6707-DP Symbol Symbol DS6707-DP The DS6707-DP Handheld DPM Digital Imager Scanner is the premier general purpose scanner which offers the maximum in data capture flexibility. Request Quote
Symbol DS6700 Symbol Symbol DS6700 The Symbol DS6700 1D/2D Imager Scanner combines the functionality of a barcode scanner, digital camera and document scanner in a single, cost-effectiv Request Quote
Symbol DS4308 Symbol Symbol DS4308 Symbol DS4308 Handheld Scanner: If you’re looking for extraordinary flexibility and performance in your handheld scanner, the next-generation scanning Request Quote
Symbol DS4308-XD Symbol Symbol DS4308-XD Symbol DS4308-XD 1D/2D Extreme Density Imager Scanner: From automotive and aerospace to medical equipment and electronics manufacturing, tracking ever Request Quote
Symbol VS 4004 Symbol Symbol VS 4004 Reads all 1D & 2D barcode symbologies and postal codes, designed to read Data Matrix codes as small as 0.005(5mil). Request Quote
Symbol P304IMG Symbol Symbol P304IMG Designed for reading all major barcode symbologies with added capabilities of image capture. Request Quote
Symbol P304PRO Symbol Symbol P304PRO Industrial hand held laser scanner for unsurpassed high volume 2D barcode scanning and sub-second decoding of both 2D and 1D symbols. Request Quote
Symbol P302FZY Symbol Symbol P302FZY Enhanced second generation fuzzy logic, great performance on high quality 1D barcodes, ability to read damaged, dirty, and poorly printed barcodes. Request Quote
Symbol P300STD Symbol Symbol P300STD Undecoded industrial hand held scanner reads conventional 1D barcodes with standard range. Request Quote
Symbol LT 1806 Symbol Symbol LT 1806 With extended working range for reading symbols from contact up to 5”(12.7cm) away which include poor quality, dot matrix, and wider symbols. Request Quote
Symbol LT 1806 Symbol Symbol LT 1806 Please call for further details. Request Quote
Symbol LT 1800 Symbol Symbol LT 1800 Automatic close range laser scanning, extended working range for reading symbols from contact up to 5”(12.7cm) away which includes poor quality, dot m Request Quote
Symbol LS 9100 Symbol Symbol LS 9100 Versatile scanner that reads all barcodes including ones that are poorly printed or damaged, takes up very little space, omni-directional reads barcod Request Quote
Symbol LS 6007 Symbol Symbol LS 6007 Multi-functional scanner, advanced data formatting, capable of modifying data before sending it to host computer, easy connectivity to most popular ho Request Quote
Symbol LS 6004 Symbol Symbol LS 6004 Multifunctional omni-directional and single line barcode scanner, synapse connectivity, Data formatting, EAS control, programmable trigger control, h Request Quote
Symbol LS 5800 Symbol Symbol LS 5800 Hands free point of sale retail laser scanner, omni-directional mini-slot scanners features dense scan fields for unsurpassed throughput and a high fi Request Quote
Symbol LS 5700 Symbol Symbol LS 5700 Omni-directional mini-slot scanner delivers maximum performance for on- counter applications, which feature code stitching, which is an applied logic Request Quote
Symbol LS 4074 Symbol Symbol LS 4074 Extremely light and mobile, cordless scanning operation for greater flexibility, mobility, and provides excellent scanning performance. Request Quote
Symbol LS 4008i Symbol Symbol LS 4008i Bi-directional scan pattern, 100 scans per second, multiple interfaces, reads PDF417, Micro PDF417. Request Quote
Symbol LS 4006i Symbol Symbol LS 4006i Advanced data formatting, 650 nm laser that provides a bright scan line ensuring easy aiming even in high ambient light conditions. Request Quote
Symbol LS 4004i Symbol Symbol LS 4004i 650nm laser which provides a bright scan line, scan range of up to 16in(40cm) on 100% UPC codes, able to read poorly printed and damaged barcodes, and Request Quote
Symbol LS 4000i Symbol Symbol LS 4000i Superior ergonomic design with patented two finger design, advanced data formatting, adaptive logic electronics, and 2D, PDF417 capable. Request Quote
Symbol LS 3203ER Symbol Symbol LS 3203ER Reads barcodes as far away as 35ft(10m) and as close as 4inches(10cm), receiving and put away it reads UPC product codes, reads 20-40 mil case codes, Request Quote
Symbol LS 3200ER Symbol Symbol LS 3200ER Extended range scanner reads barcodes up to 35 ft away, receiving and put away it reads UPC product codes, built to withstand temperature extremes. Request Quote

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