Product Brand Part Description
Motorola MC9090-S Motorola Motorola MC9090-S Provides the power to run nearly any application including voice and multimedia, built in barcode scanning and image capture. Request Quote
Motorola MC9090-K Motorola Motorola MC9090-K Offering advanced data options and integrated wireless WAN/LAN/PAN, flexible always-on connection, ideal for inside and outside workers. Request Quote
Motorola MC9090-G Windows Mobile 6.1 Motorola Motorola MC9090-G Windows Mobile 6.1 Industrial strength, high volume, mobile computer with barcode scanner. Scan techniques integrated 1D laser, Lorax laser or 1D/2D imager options. Request Quote
Motorola MC9090-G Windows Mobile 5.0 Motorola Motorola MC9090-G Windows Mobile 5.0 Multiple advanced data capture options, able to capture images and barcodes 4 inches to 40 feet, modular keypads, touch panel and display able to see Request Quote
Motorola MC9090-G Windows CE 5.0 Motorola Motorola MC9090-G Windows CE 5.0 Supports a variety of multimedia applications, provides advanced mobile operating systems, Bluetooth option allows users to wirelessly synchronize and Request Quote
Motorola MC9090-G Standard Range Motorola Motorola MC9090-G Standard Range Equipped with the latest advances in mobile technology, provides support to the richest enterprise applications. Request Quote
Motorola MC9090-G RFID Motorola Motorola MC9090-G RFID Intel 624 MHz enhanced memory ensures retention of mission critical data, 1D laser, advanced operating systems with choice of Windows or application-s Request Quote
Motorola MC9090-G Lorax Motorola Motorola MC9090-G Lorax More scanning options has ability to scan barcodes no matter the condition, easy omni-directional scanning, 1D longe range scanner. Request Quote
Motorola MC9090-G 2D Imager Motorola Motorola MC9090-G 2D Imager Right solution for supply chain applications including: picking, packing, spur loading and receiving. With 53 key keypad, 1D/2D barcode imager. Request Quote
Motorola MC9090-G Motorola Motorola MC9090-G With the power to meet your enterprise application requirements, and known for handling the most vigorous work environment. Request Quote
Motorola MC7598 Motorola Motorola MC7598 High performance voice and data services on CDMA networks anywhere in the world. As well as a 1D and 2D barcode scanner, and mobile computer. Request Quote
Motorola MC7596 Motorola Motorola MC7596 Maximum processing power required to handle virtually any business application, maximizing workforce efficiency with simultaneous anywhere, anytime mo Request Quote
Motorola MC75 Motorola Motorola MC75 MC75 includes integrated GPS, push-to-talk, tracking capabilities, 1D and 2D barcode scanning, high resolution 2 mega pixel autofocus color camera, wi Request Quote
Motorola MC7095 Motorola Motorola MC7095 Compact, light weight devices carries the features of a PDA, 1D laser scanner, 2D imager, and cell phone all in one. Request Quote
Motorola MC7094 Motorola Motorola MC7094 Portable data terminal with standard wireless connectivity using WAN/LAN/PAN and Bluetooth, 1D laser scanner and 2D imager. Request Quote
Motorola MC7090 Motorola Motorola MC7090 ¼ VGA color display, user accessible memory, converged voice and data(voice over LAN/WAN), light weight, specification in terms of drop, temperature a Request Quote
Motorola MC70 Motorola Motorola MC70 MC70 makes it possible to capture data on the go while staying connected with wireless voice and data transfer. Request Quote
Motorola MC5590 Motorola Motorola MC5590 Smallest and lightest Motorola EDA, was designed to meet mobile worker, business applications and IT requirements. Request Quote
Motorola MC5574 Motorola Motorola MC5574 MC5574 mobile PC brings a new level of functionality and flexibility to pocket sized mobile devices with the power of a walkie talkie, mobile computer Request Quote
Motorola MC55 Motorola Motorola MC55 MC55 allows workers to access business applications, scan barcodes, snap photos, view a video and place private or push to talk call to virtually anyo Request Quote
Motorola MC3090-Z Motorola Motorola MC3090-Z Advanced high efficiency reader engine enables faster read rates, 2D imager, 48 alphanumeric keypad, color touch screen making it easy to use with min Request Quote
Motorola MC3090S Motorola Motorola MC3090S Lightweight mobile computer with 48 key keypad, color display,1D/2D imager. Request Quote
Motorola MC3090R Motorola Motorola MC3090R High volume mobile computer with barcode scanner and 1D laser decode capabilities, wireless PAN data and Bluetooth options as well as operating syste Request Quote
Motorola MC3090G Motorola Motorola MC3090G Standard 1D laser scanner or 2D imager, integrated 48 key keypad, 320x320 resolution, and is ideal for both simple retail and demanding industrial app Request Quote
Motorola MC3000R Motorola Motorola MC3000R Mobile computer has a rotating head, 1D laser, monochrome touch display, 48 key keypad. Request Quote
Motorola MC3000 Motorola Motorola MC3000 MC3000 is able to be customized to specific demands of individual jobs, with ergonomic design and configurations facilitate faster decision making and Request Quote
Motorola MC17 Motorola Motorola MC17 Wireless 1D laser self scanning terminal doubles as a productivity tool for store associates supporting a wide variety of applications. Request Quote
Motorola MC1000 Motorola Motorola MC1000 Combining barcode scanning with data entry this light weight mobile computer gives users a high-value and cost effective device. Request Quote
Motorola WT41N0 Wearable Terminal Motorola Motorola WT41N0 Wearable Terminal Hands free mobile computing wearable terminal allows you to achieve maximum error-proof productivity, operation efficiency and accuracy for streamline Request Quote
Motorola WT41N0 Motorola Motorola WT41N0 Ergonomic hands-free wearable design for your warehouse and distribution optimization, with high performance dual core processor, easy connection 802. Request Quote
Motorola RS507 Motorola Motorola RS507 Hands free ring imager is a 2D imager, 2 finger mounted barcode imager with manual trigger and standard capacity battery for cordless Bluetooth interf Request Quote
Motorola Omnii RT15 Motorola Motorola Omnii RT15 Can simply be configured to meet any business need, combing modularity, performance and durability for mobile workers. Request Quote
Motorola Workabout Pro 3 Motorola Motorola Workabout Pro 3 Delivers the choice of numerous hardware add-ons, software applications and upgrades. Request Quote
Motorola MC9500-K Motorola Motorola MC9500-K Built for the most demanding field applications, ability to choose either of the 3.5 wireless broadband networks, and more data capture options. Request Quote
Motorola MC9200 Motorola Motorola MC9200 Supports barcode symbologies 1D and 2D, 2D standard imager with standard scanning range, 53 key keypad, Windows embedded 6.5, MS Office and wireless c Request Quote
Motorola EP10 Motorola Motorola EP10 EP10 boasts an extensive set of features that helps customers minimize downtime and maximize productivity which includes: Windows Embedded handheld 6. Request Quote
Motorola MC9190-Z RFID Motorola Motorola MC9190-Z RFID Up to 30 feet or more read range, 2D imager, operating system Microsoft Mobile 6.5, asset trscking and inventory management are 2 large applications t Request Quote
Motorola MC9190-G Windows CE 6.5 Motorola Motorola MC9190-G Windows CE 6.5 More powerful, higher resolution display, will scan 1D or 2D barcodes regardless of condition, revolutionary 2D imager engines deliver high performanc Request Quote
Motorola MC9190-G Windows CE 6.0 Motorola Motorola MC9190-G Windows CE 6.0 With scan engine options which include long-range imaging options that offers enhanced standard 1D and 2D barcode reading up to 30 feet as well as em Request Quote
Motorola MC9190-G 2D Long Range Imager Motorola Motorola MC9190-G 2D Long Range Imager 2D long range imager with 53 key keypad, able to scan virtually any barcode even if damaged, multiple imaging scanning options, high resolution backli Request Quote

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