Product Brand Part Description
Motorola MC9190-G 2D Standard Range Imager Motorola Motorola MC9190-G 2D Standard Range Imager No matter if your using 1D, 2D barcodes or direct part making (DPM) this revolutionary 2D imager engines deliver high performance and easy omni-direc Request Quote
Motorola MC9190-G Lorax Motorola Motorola MC9190-G Lorax Comes with the options of Integrated 1D laser, Lorax laser, or 1D/2D imager options, offers more power and memory, giving the same fast dependable app Request Quote
Motorola MC9190-G Standard Range Motorola Motorola MC9190-G Standard Range This 1D laser scanner comes with 53 key keypad, Windows CE 6.0 and desktop style application performance. Request Quote
Motorola MC9190-G Motorola Motorola MC9190-G Desktop-style application performance, government-grade security deal for harsh environments such as manufacturing factories, warehouse distribution c Request Quote
Motorola MC75A0-HC Motorola Motorola MC75A0-HC This device is able to capture poorly print and damaged 1D and 2D codes. Request Quote
Motorola MC75A Verizon-CDMA Motorola Motorola MC75A Verizon-CDMA Operating system is Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium Edition, Enterprise Digital Assistant(EDA), mobile computer as well as hand held scanner, int Request Quote
Motorola MC75A Spint-CDMA Motorola Motorola MC75A Spint-CDMA Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant(EDA),mobile computer, hand held barcode scanner, 2D imager, Sirf III GPS, color camera, WIFI, Windows 6.5 Pro, Request Quote
Motorola MC75A HF RFID Motorola Motorola MC75A HF RFID MC75A HF RFID includes mobile phone, mobile computer, barcode scanner, high resolution digital camera and GPS all in one device. Request Quote
Motorola MC75A GSM-HSDPA Motorola Motorola MC75A GSM-HSDPA Integrated 1D laser, 1D/2D imager and 3.2 camera options, GPS, Microsoft Windows 5.0 Premium Edition, worldwide enterprise digital assistant, mobile c Request Quote
Motorola MC75A Motorola Motorola MC75A Designed to endure indoor/outdoor use, equipped with 1D laser and 2D imager, 3.5” color display, data capture capabilities, and application flexibilit Request Quote
Motorola MC65 Motorola Motorola MC65 Being one of the toughest and most flexible EDAs on the market, captures and processes just about any type of data on-site, 2D imager, Windows mobile Request Quote
Motorola MC55N0 Motorola Motorola MC55N0 Supports the most demanding business applications anywhere in your facility, touch screen, standard 2D range imager, Windows mobile 6.5, easy to carry Request Quote
Motorola MC55A0-HC Motorola Motorola MC55A0-HC Allows healthcare providers access to patient records, administer medication, monitor patient vital signs, place lab orders, pharmacy orders, view tes Request Quote
Motorola MC55A0 Motorola Motorola MC55A0 Access business applications, internet, emails, scan barcodes, snap a photo, and place a private or push to talk call to virtually anyone in your faci Request Quote
Motorola MC40-HC Motorola Motorola MC40-HC Easy to use world class enterprise data capture capabilities, wireless communication, area imager for both scanning techniques, 2D imager and on scree Request Quote
Motorola MC40 Motorola Motorola MC40 2D imager supports 1D and 2D symbologies, 8.0MP camera, able to do price audits, mark-ups, markdowns, replenish store shelves and much more. Request Quote
Motorola MC3190-S Motorola Motorola MC3190-S Advanced computing power, data capture capabilities, enhanced security, enterprise class motion sensing capabilities, 1D laser scanner, and 28 key key Request Quote
Motorola MC3190-G Motorola Motorola MC3190-G Wireless connectivity, advanced computing power, data capture capabilities, 1D laser scanner, 48 key alphanumeric keypad, and Windows CE 6.0 Pro. Request Quote
Motorola MC3190-R Motorola Motorola MC3190-R Cost effective, industrial strength mobile computer with barcode scanner, 1D laser, Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 as the operating system. Request Quote
Motorola MC3100-R Motorola Motorola MC3100-R Motorola’s new mobility platform offers advanced computing power, industry leading data capture capabilities and superior ergonomics with the MC3100 Request Quote
Motorola MC3100 Motorola Motorola MC3100 MC3100 series and many other Motorola mobile computers share common architectural platform, porting existing applications to the MC3100 series so virt Request Quote
Motorola ES400 Motorola Motorola ES400 Able to access virtually any business critical back-end application, 1D/2D barcode decoding, 3.2MP auto focus camera, Windows mobile 6.5.3, built in W Request Quote
Motorola MC67 Motorola Motorola MC67 This Android Jelly Bean 4.1 is equipped with GPS, 2D imager, ability to scan practically any barcode in almost any condition. Request Quote
Motorola P470 Motorola Motorola P470 High performance retail strength cordless barcode scanner, 35 scans per second, 2 linesx20 character, top mounted 17 key numeric alpha keypad, and ab Request Quote
Motorola P460 Motorola Motorola P460 Simple data downloading, freely roam premises for up to 12 hours collecting data, operates in corded mode when cabled to host, review and delete recor Request Quote
Motorola P370 Motorola Motorola P370 Top mounted 17 key alphanumeric keypad, 2 linex20 character display, forward scanning pistol grip, 35 scans per second(bi-directional), nominal worki Request Quote
Motorola P360 Motorola Motorola P360 Ideal for extreme environments which include warehouse stores, builders yards, receiving and cross-dock applications, switches easily from data entry Request Quote
Motorola M2007 Motorola Motorola M2007 Single or multiple barcode types, linear, semi-omni-directional, 2-D Raster, omni-directional, UPC/EAN/JAN are supported symbologies, 1D/2D barcode di Request Quote
Motorola M2004 Motorola Motorola M2004 Cyclone can decode existing, new, and emerging barcodes symbologies, has capabilities in warehouse, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and more. Request Quote
Motorola M2000 Motorola Motorola M2000 Able to decode both 1D and PDF417 barcodes, use of one device for multiple data collections, multiple on-board interfaces allows use of scanner on dif Request Quote
Motorola LS9208i Motorola Motorola LS9208i With 100 line rastering omni-directional scan pattern allows you to quickly capture codes no matter how they are presented. Request Quote
Motorola LS9203i Motorola Motorola LS9203i Ideal for small retail operations and institutional organizations this high performance omni-directional barcode scanner delivers superior data captur Request Quote
Motorola LS4278 Motorola Motorola LS4278 Able to scan even the smallest, stacked or poorly 1D printable barcodes while holding the scanner at any angle, single board construction, move within Request Quote
Motorola LS 9208 Motorola Motorola LS 9208 Created to be quick and versatile, with both omni-directional and single line scanning to cover any application, 100 line rastering scan pattern and e Request Quote
Motorola LS 3408FZ Motorola Motorola LS 3408FZ Fuzzy logic decode capability, rugged industrial design, bright 650-nm laser aiming dot, supports GS1 databar, multiple onboard interfaces, maximum sc Request Quote
Motorola LS 3408ER Motorola Motorola LS 3408ER Extended range 1D laser capabilities can scan out to 45 ft. Request Quote
Motorola DS3478 Motorola Motorola DS3478 Omni-directional scanning available, digital imaging to accurately capture direct part marks(DPM), 1D and 2D barcodes, and flexibility to meet scannin Request Quote
Motorola DS3408 Motorola Motorola DS3408 Digital, industrial, multi-interface scanner uses digital imaging to accurately capture all types of 2D and 1D barcodes, image sensor allows more accu Request Quote
Motorola DS3407 Motorola Motorola DS3407 Omnidirectional scanning functionality allows you to capture barcodes from any angle, supported interfaces: RS232, keyboard wedge & USB, reads all Request Quote
Motorola DS3400 Motorola Motorola DS3400 Industrial barcode scanner that uses digital imaging to capture 2D and 1D barcodes effectively while offering high performance typically found only in Request Quote

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